About Me


I’m Rick Adams. I’m a traveler who loves reading and writing about topics relating to social justice.  After college, I wanted to see the world before settling down.  I flew to Spain with a backpack and a Eurorail pass and never looked back.  Living in hostels, with people I meet on the way and an occasional hotel, I have had a chance to experience communities more intimately.

Although, I usually travel alone I usually end up meeting local people by striking up conversations over market food or hot beverages.  No matter where I am, from Vietnam to France, I find we all have the same desires and goals.  We want to raise our families in peace and prosperity.  Unfortunately, some parts of the world base their prosperity on the work of other countries.  As an American, I am sometimes embarrassed when asked how the American people can turn a blind eye to human rights violations created by our own corporations.  I feel sharp pangs when I hear someone in a war torn country say that the fighting would end, if the Christians in America knew what was happening.

Before I begin writing about other countries, though, I would like to take a look at our own country.  With the advent of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton and the open, if negative conversation their comments have started, it is a good thing to look back at where our country came from and maybe think about where it is going.